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Hello there,

Magicjack allows you make UNLIMITED to calls States and Canada (can call landline or cellphone) for only $20 per YEAR.

Yep, that's right.

Equivalent to less than 90 pesos a month, you can call US and Canada unlimited.  Landlines or Cellphones can be contacted UNLIMITED.

Is your mom in the states?  how about your dad?  How about your boyfriend or girlfriend?  brother or sister?  Bestfriend?

Use MagicJack the whole day, the whole night

Imagine all those gossips you can talk about... those seldom I love you's will be come more frequent!

The good part is, you also get to have your own USA phone number!  So they can also call you.

That's because MagicJack subscription is only $20 a year.

All you need is the MagicJack device...

MagicJack Device -- Plug this into your computer's USB Port

A MagicJack device would entail a one-time investment of ( only Php 3,200 ) now only Php 3,000That's all you invest for the first year.  And you get FREE first year subscription with it.  So for that first year, your calls, gossips, catching up and "I love you's" with your loved ones in the States and Canada will be more often.

And year after that, if you want to extend your subscription, simply pay only another $20 a year.

Great savings, right?

that's UNLIMITED for USA and Canada.  For other countries, check this site:

It’s now available for pick-up here in our place.  Attached is a sketch of the pick-up location.

My complete address is:

Anthony Pena
L.T. Sy Compound, Apt. Y-1
2308 Taft Ave., Pasay City

Sketch to Demo and Pick-up place in Pasay City

(click the above sketch to enlarge)

If you decide to pick it up from my place, I can help you with the activation and test the unit narin, so as to save you the hassle of doing so.

If you can't pick it up from my place, we can also have it delivered by a messenger for a very small delivery fee (depending on your location, just to cover for transportation costs).

Lastly, if you're out of town (outside Metro Manila areas / areas of deliveries), we can have it shipped via Air21 Fedex, additional 100 lang.  You may send your payment via bank deposit through:

Banco De Oro (BDO)
Pasay Libertad-Taft Branch

Anthony Pena
Current Account

and Of course, I'll still help you with the activation process -- just give me a call.

I'm looking forward to helping you save plenty of money with your phone bills.

Look at how easy this is!

Pick up the phone and call me now at (02) 215-6593 or 09175102258 to order your magicjack now and start your telebabad.

Thanks, and God bless you!

Anthony Pena
magicjack distributor

mobile (philippines) 63.917.510.2258
office (philippines)
office (usa magicjack) 1.626.789.7055


P.S., Maybe you have more questions about it.  Maybe simply you just want more details.  Feel free to call me at 09175102258 -- and I’d be happy to assist you and answer all of your questions.

P.P.S., I'd also be happy to demo it to you.  I'd like to invite you to visit us so we can show you how it is used.


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